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We have all heard the line "they sure don’t build them like they used to" when talking about today’s cars and light duty trucks. That is absolutely true. What you, as a consumer need to be aware of is that auto repair and diagnostics have also changed. Everything from maintenance to diagnostics and repair are completely different than before. Today’s vehicles are built much better, use much better fluids, better computers and are altogether more complex. They are designed to drive longer and more efficiently. Unfortunately, when they do run into problems they are usually much more difficult to diagnose and repair. Auto Dynamics has the equipment and knowledge to do everything from maintenance, computer programming, diagnostics and trouble shooting, and mechanical repair. We also take care of those items that all vehicles will need at some time like tires, brakes and alignments. The difference is price and quality. We have a much lower overhead than dealerships, we use quality parts and we have the proper tools to do the job quickly and correctly.


We have modern computer diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

Auto Dynamics has invested in our future. Knowing that the auto repair industry has gone to computers we have entered the era full swing. We have purchased GM, Ford and Chrysler factory scan tools and service information to go with each of them. We are able to diagnose any engine concern, as well as all body and chassis electrical issues. The advantages to using our services is that we can also program new computers to the vehicle. Did you know that almost all newer vehicles consider a power window switch one of the onboard computers? If you have to get one replaced because it failed or broke, it needs to be programmed to the vehicle. Most shops are unable to offer this service. We can handle it on any domestic vehicles, even brand new ones if needed!

No job too small

We Do It All!

Of course we do that! From brake jobs, u-joints to coolant leaks and timing belts. We also are able to do the jobs that other shops can't or won't. Need a heater core replaced? Engine, transmission or even wiring repairs? That's all part of a day's work! We have multiple sources to get the best products for your vehicles. We use ACDelco, Motorcraft and NAPA to ensure only the highest standard parts are being used. If the best product is a factory replacement part then we will get it from the dealership. We assess each vehicle individually and consult with the customer to make sure they are getting the best and most cost effective repair possible.

Scheduled Maintenance

We use Valvoline oil because we believe in quality. We stock bulk 5w20, 5w30 in conventional oil and 0w20, 5w20, and 5w30 in Dexos approved oil. We also stock Bulk 15w40 Diesel and 5w40 Valvoline Synthetic Diesel oil.

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