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Quick Troubleshooting with our GM, Ford & Chrysler Factory Scan Tools

We are able to diagnose any engine concern, as well as all body and chassis electrical issues.

Service from people you know and trust, giving you the service you deserve!

We have all heard the line “They don’t build them like they used to.”

That couldn’t be more true in today’s newer vehicles. Engine and drivetrains are a whole new ballgame. Computer and wiring systems pass so much information that many have turned to fiber optics.

Nearly all new vehicles have Adaptive or Automated driving systems including cruise control and crash avoidance systems. Almost all components require some kind of programming in order to work correctly. We are equipped for today’s vehicles and ready for tomorrow’s vehicles!

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Our team:  Eva, Hunter, Lukas, Herman, Eric, Doug, and Dustin

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance.

Oil changes and other required maintenance, tire repair/replacement, clunks, squeaks, rattles, power windows/locks, check engine light, transmission shifting funny, engine making noise, alignments, coolant or oil leaks… Basically we can fix it!
(Dent, repair or paint? NO WAY!!! Nearly anything else we have you covered!)

ADAS: Advanced Driver Assisted Systems

Nearly every vehicle sold in the United States today has some sort of crash avoidance system or self driving features. Rarely do those systems need repair until they have been damaged in some sort of a collision.

We offer services for programming and calibrating radars, cameras, and laser systems on all vehicles sold in the US, including Tesla. We are experts in the field and service countless body shops and customers who repair vehicles themselves.

Computer Diagnostics

We have invested in the future of auto repair. We are equipped with the same computers and software as GM and Ford dealerships, and one of only a few shops in the state with factory Chrysler diagnostic computer and software. This allows us to provide dealership level diagnostics and programming to all modules.

We are also able to program keys and controllers to nearly every make and model sold in the United States, as we are one of only 2 shops ion South Dakota that have this ability!

Scheduled Maintenance

We stock quality motor oil from US Lubricants. In bulk, we carry blended 5w30 and 5w20 engine oil. We also carry Dexos approved synthetic 0w20, 5w20 and 5w30 oil. We stock heavy duty 15w40 and synthetic 5w40 for light duty diesel trucks. Finally, for European vehicles we use Liquid Moly synthetic oil, blended in Germany, designed specifically for complex European engines.

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance!

We Support Our Community

When you come to our shop it is likely that you may see a squad car. We perform work on many law enforcement entities like our South Dakota Highway Patrol, Lincoln County Sheriff Department, City of Tea, as well as many other smaller community entities and South Dakota Government vehicles. We keep these vehicles running like a top because we believe in their service and are thankful for all of them! In fact, we are thankful for ALL people who serve our community from teachers to Veterans. We appreciate you so much that we offer everyone who serves the public and veterans a 10% discount (up to $100) on services! Thank you!

We have also sponsored many baseball, hockey, soccer teams. You can often find our logo showing support for golf tournaments and other events for the Highway Patrol, Lincoln County, and Face It Together, as well as a long time sponsor of the ResGen Men’s Summit.

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